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 Fix Office for iPad's Clunky PDF Export with IFTTT
Published by Thorin Klosowski on 2014-08-08 01:02:48
iPad: The export feature in Office for iPad is a bit clunky, and if you use it a lot, it's buried away and only lets you export a PDF as an email attachment. That means you can't save it locally anywhere (or in the cloud). Macworld figured out a way around this using If This Then That. Read more... Read More

Wunderlist 3 Adds Real-Time Sync, Public Lists, and a New Interface
Published by Alan Henry on 2014-08-01 01:00:56
Web/Android/iOS/OS X/Chrome: Wunderlist is already one of our favorite to-do apps , and today it just got better. Wunderlist 3 brings speed improvements, real-time syncing across devices, public to-do lists you can share with the web, a Do Not Disturb mode, an updated UI, and more.Read more... Read More

Asana for iPhone and iPad Updates with a New Interface and More Speed
Published by Alan Henry on 2014-07-30 01:00:40
iOS: Asana is one of our favorite to-do apps , and today the service unveiled new native apps for iPhone and iPad. Both are designed specifically for those devices, offer a speed boost, feature a streamlined interface, and have been rebuilt from the ground up. Read more... Read More

​Maximize Your iCloud Storage Space by Changing Backup Settings
Published by Dave Greenbaum on 2014-07-27 01:00:36
When your iPhone or iPad warns you iCloud is running low on storage space, you can avoid buying more space by changing what iCloud backs up.Read more... Read More

Lifehacker Pack for iPad: Our List of the Essential iPad Apps
Published by Thorin Klosowski on 2014-07-22 01:00:42
It took a little while for the apps to come into their own, but we're at a place now where the iPad has nearly as good of a selection of apps as the iPhone. Now, it's harder than ever to find apps that are worthwhile. Let us save you some time with this collection of the best iPad apps.Read more... Read More

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